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The reports module incorporated in PharmaCRM ensures that you get live reports of each and every activity being performed by the users of the system.

The detailed and descriptive reports module makes PharmaCRM one of the best IT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. With over 25 reports PharmaCRM ensures that each and every activity of your sales cycle can be planned, organized, executed, tracked and gauged according to your requirements.

These reports include:

  • Daily call Report ( provides details of calls made daily )
  • Product Distribution Report ( provides details of sample product delivery )
  • Detailed Product Frequency ( provides the distribution frequency of each product during the month )
  • Incoming SMS summary ( provides the summary of sms sent by medical representatives )
  • Joint visit by class ( provides details of joint visits to doctors according to their class )
  • KPI by class ( provides the details of key performance indicators of medical representatives )
  • Sample Issuance Report ( provides details of samples issued to medical representatives )