Drive the Flow

Take control of your data and always be on top

Look at the Entire Picture

Make decisions effectively and efficiently based on intelligent information sourcing

Stay two Steps Ahead

Always be control of your sales force. Manager your resources better

Manage without Boundaries

Have the power to take charge of your situation at anytime and anywhere

Endless Possibilities

Let PharmaCRM show you the way!


A variety of platform options are available making PharmaCRM available to you according to your preferred option. If you are looking for a organization solution or something that can work with your mobile devices, we can provide you with what you need and these solutions are customizable according to your needs.

PharmaCRM is being offered as a standalone software solution as well as a Cloud Based service model / Software as a Service Model. With the cloud computing solution all your data will be accessible to the users of the system at anytime and anywhere without installing a separate copy of PharmaCRM on each device. Some of its benefits include automatic update of the software as new features are added to PharaCRM and we continue to improve it, automatic availability of all modules, scalable pricing according to the strength of the workforce and minimal investment.PharmaCRM is also being offered as an application based solution to be used through mobile devices.

The PharmaCRM app is also available for IOS and Android platforms. Multiple platforms ensure that PharmaCRM is available as a flexible solution to customers who do not want to change their existing platform.