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The Marketing Plan

The Sample Management Module ensures that your product reaches the right people at the right time. It helps the users plan and manage sample delivery effectively. The Marketing Plan is first step of the sample distribution process, PharmaCRM's sample Distribution module lets the users make their own marketing plan. It helps them to plan and manage the sample distribution process on a quarterly basis. The Marketing Plan contains information including the product's name which is the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and the quantity that is to be distributed by the sales force.

Sample distribution

The Sample distribution module lets you track the entire sample distribution process. It provides a mechanism to monitor the progress of the sample distribution process from the issuance of the sample to its delivery. Information including the samples name, quantity and date on which it was handed over to the sales force is reported through this module.

Distribution view

The Zonal Sales Managers can keep a check on the samples distributed by their sales force. They can view the quarter wise product sample distribution targets allotted to each member of the sales force which helps them to monitor the progress and competence of the sales force. It helps them to keep a check on the entire sample distribution process and to manage it effectively and efficiently.