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SMS Template

PharmaCRM's call execution module provides a relational database based on the organization's hierarchy and the geographical hierarchy. The dashboard puts the control of the entire sales cycle in your hands. It helps you to streamline and manage the sales cycle. Data such as the actual calls made, comparison between actual and targeted calls, ratio of average calls made by each medical representative and daily call trends help to measure the efficiency of the sales force.

The DashBoard

Through live reporting of call execution on the dashboard, PharmaCRM ensures that each and every activity associated to the sales visit activity goes noticed and is streamlined to ensure competence

The Call Execution Process

The calls for visits, to doctors and other medical staff, are executed through the SMS based process. The SMS template is customized according to the requirements of the business. The standard SMS template contains information including the doctor's code, product's code, sample quantity and other relevant information about the visit.

MR Doctor List

It provides a mechanism to categorize doctors according to their qualifications, called specialty, and their designation, called class, hence providing the users an opportunity to prioritize their sales visits and sample distribution. The visits performed according to the doctors specialty are also documented to show the importance given to each specialty by the sales team.